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Back to the Future

One of the Copper Star's clocks goes "Back to the Future" on Universal's Back to the Future Ride. Not only Hollywood, but anyone can now buy copper clocks and barn stars to fit any business or home.

Herbal Essences

One of The Copper Star's clocks takes center stage in and Herbal Essences TV commercial. These copper clocks can be purchased in sizes suitable for home and commercial applications.

Building a Star

Watch Burt, the owner of The Copper Star, build one of his classic copper barn stars. His designs have roots that date back to the early 1800's and can be designed to match any home decor.

Why use Copper?

Copper is valued for strength, malleability, ductility, and its ability to conduct electricity and heat. It is also non-magnetic, resists wear, and forms a green patina which makes it very resistant to corrosion. Copper can be formed and stretched into complex designs and intricate surfaces without breaking. This makes it possible to create clocks, stars,spires, steeples, musical instruments, art, and a huge number of other useful and beautiful products. Its versatility encourages its use in many areas of creative design.

I like to refer to my copper products as "ART WITH VALUE". My products are of "heirloom" quality and have "real value" above and beyond their artistic beauty.

Barn Star History

On many older American barns, and particularly German farms, one could see a large decoration in the shape of a star mounted on the face of the barn. These were called barn stars. Sometimes they were just aesthetic, but sometimes they represented the trademark of a specific barn builder. Although they go back to at least the 1820s in Pennsylvania, they were most popular after the American Civil War. In modern times, barn stars have come to be known as signs of good fortune and luck.

What do the various colors mean?


Although, I was unable to find an exact color correlation to stars, I was able to determine that colors had significance with Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch barn paintings.   These folk art designs, many of which were star shaped, were painted directly onto each end of the barn, and date back to the 1850’s.

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